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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and we know it can be hard to find a gift that strikes the perfect chord. You want it to be bold, original and unforgettable – not a clichéd heart-shaped box of chocolates or an unimaginative bunch of flowers. Let Mugler inspire you this year with Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the special people in your life.
01 Feb 2022


Fragrance is addictive and evocative. One smell and you remember the plush velvet seats in the theater on your first date or you are transported to the late-night exhibition opening you attended together. If you are wondering what to get for Valentine’s Day, what could be better than a personalized fragrance reminiscent of the time you have spent together? Have your best memories reflected and intensified by one of Mugler’s seductive scents.


Mugler scents are unique – just like your partner. Is she passionate, daring and full of energy? Then we know exactly what to get for Valentine’s Day: the irresistibly feminine Angel Nova Eau de Parfum. Sensual rose notes recall intimate evenings, while a delightful splash of raspberry reflects her playful nature.
Or show your appreciation for a strong and confident woman with a trailblazing scent. The first gourmand fragrance in the world of perfume, the Angel Eau de Parfum will remind her of all the trips you have done together with its fresh notes of Calabrian bergamot. But why stop at past trips? Make it the perfect gift for all your future adventures together and select one of these scents in the perfect format for travel. Our seducing offers – 15ml refillable Eau de Parfums – are ideal for packing in a carry on or simply for a burst of fragrance on the go.


It’s the question on everyone’s mind – what to get for Valentine’s Day for the man who has it all? Luckily, we have a few gift ideas up our sleeve. Remember the magnetic attraction and bold masculinity that struck you the first time you met? Bring these memories to life with the A*Men Eau de Toilette , blending notes of Bourbon vanilla, patchouli and pure coffee. For the best Valentine’s gift, make it the A*Men gift set, which includes a practical deodorant stick to add a touch of luxury to his daily routine.
Or consider the wonderfully vibrant Alien Man , a scent for charismatic modern men with smoked beechwood bark notes that recall fall evenings spent cozied around the fire. We also love the Mugler colognes: seven unique scents that can be worn alone or combined to ensure you find a gift suited to his individual tastes.

Valentine’s Day gifts do not just have to be for your partner. When you are contemplating what to get for Valentine’s Day, why not take a moment to show appreciation for an old friend, a supportive family member or a colleague who has made your life a whole lot easier? The Mugler mini Eau de Parfums for Alien, Angel and Angel Nova show others you care with a small gift that makes a big impact – their refillable design means your thoughtful gesture will be remembered for years to come. Whichever Mugler fragrance you decide on, we’re delighted to help you spoil your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.
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