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Father's Day

Cosmic Father’s Day – Which Fragrance For Him ?

We all missed our family this year. It’s all the more reason to celebrate Father’s day with the perfect father’s day gift, one that will put a smile back where it belongs. You can get a perfume or its ancillary for your dad, something to think of you every day of his life. During this special occasion, MUGLER is by your side to take care of you at home. For Father’s Day 2021, choose the men’s fragrance that will best reveal his personality. Spectacular fragrances with a powerful trail? Suave and subtle notes with hints of mystery? Tells us his personality traits and MUGLER will tell you the right universe for him.
Cosmic Mother's Day

Angel Iced Star

This year, Angel returns in a new Eau de Toilette, Angel iced Star... A fresh breeze blows over the Angel galaxy.

Can We Create A Fragrance Without Using Flowers?

Towards the end of the 19th century, modern perfumery, and with it, the perfumer’s organ, were gradually enriched with synthetic notes. These were intended to replace rare natural ingredients, to substitute notes from increasingly protected animal species, or to invent new notes beyond the natural world.

These synthetic molecules were obtained from chemical reactions or isolates created from natural ingredients. The arrival of these new notes brought a renewed abstraction and creativity to fragrances and saw the rise of new classics in perfumery. However, these notes are often seen by the general public as being of a lower quality than natural ingredients. They are, perhaps, unaware that some synthetic notes are much more complicated and expensive to produce than some natural raw ingredients.

Embracing technological progress once again, MUGLER very quickly adopted the notion of skillfully combining natural ingredients and molecules extracted through science to create extraordinary fragrances. Doesn’t this fusion of opposites fit in with the futuristic vision of nature shaped by the hand of man borrowed from its creator? A way of creating “augmented” fragrances. Fragrances that are more original, more liberated, more daring. Our addictive fragrances therefore give synthetic notes pride of place, mixing artifice and naturalness with precision and harmony. A way of also innovating, without exhausting the Earth’s natural resources, and creating responsible luxury. So, there we have it: it is possible to create a perfume without using flowers and without it being stripped of poetry and quality. How? Here’s how we managed it with four cult MUGLER fragrances.


Since the launch of its gourmand fragrance Angel in 1992, the visionary creator Thierry MUGLER knew that the star bottle—designed with the help of the Brosse Master Glassmakers—was too precious to be replaced like many products with a linear life cycle. He deeply wished to offer his loyal clientele the possibility of keeping the bottle forever, and so, the MUGLER Fountain was born: an economical and ecological way to endlessly refill the bottle with your favorite MUGLER fragrance.

Now more than ever, eco-design and sustainable development are at the heart of MUGLER’S DNA, fostering the innovation, development and manufacture of our products. For MUGLER, a pioneer brand in this field, they represent more than just a simple commitment, but instead are an integral part of its tradition and expertise. On the occasion of Earth Day, MUGLER invites you to rediscover its actions and commitments that support responsible luxury.

MUGLER STARS: Toni Garrn, the face of Angel Nova

MUGLER is proud to have chosen Toni Garrn to embody the Angel Nova Eau de Parfum. A generous and inspiring activist: she works within the world to make the dreams of today’s girls the reality of tomorrow’s women.

MUGLER STARS: Jourdan Dunn

Since its creation in 1974, the Maison MUGLER maintains special relationships with the Stars. Whether they are a guest of honor at the fashion show - or even invited to model - or on all the red carpets, a Star in MUGLER is an irresistible beauty who is not afraid of standing out. The Mag invites you to discover or rediscover these iconic and extraordinary figures in its new MUGLER STARS articles.

Who are Mugler women?

Powerful, mysterious, sensual, daring, dreamers... Multi-faceted and complex, the MUGLER woman has many faces. MUGLER has always helped women to assert their personality through extraordinary creations. Whether armed with perfume, a suit or a dress, these are enhancements as much as they are protection. Who are the true MUGLER women? International Women's Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate them.

MUGLER celebrates Earth Day

Since 1970, Earth Day has been celebrated on April 22 to warn us about human impact on our natural habitat. Since 1992, MUGLER has been committed to creating fragrances in an environmentally-friendly approach as a new way to experience luxury. With this conviction and thanks to concrete actions, we are creating, from our consumers to our partners, a community of stakeholders committed to the idea of a new, more sustainable perfumery.

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