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Mugler's Alien Goddess fragrance is an innovative perfume intended to foster the majestic aspects of our reality and inspire people to embrace their individuality. For this reason, Mugler selected the young fashion icon Willow Smith to be the muse. Willow Smith is a sophisticated, transparent, daring, and incredibly talented person and these traits are highlighted by her individualism and unique fashion style, both on the red carpet at any given fashion week and at home.

11 Sep 2021
A*Men Eau De Toilette


The fashion of Willow Smith allows one to readily discern the many exceptional qualities associated with her, but what exactly is the fashion style of Willow Smith? Willow Smith's sense of style reflects her understanding of modern life, spiritual connection to the universe, and desire to not conform to traditional social norms.

This young icon is truly an individual who is not afraid to push the bar, and how the star creates her looks aligns seamlessly to her personality. These images are posted to her Instagram account for her followers to be inspired. She is a charismatic fashion icon who genuinely believes in encouraging people to embrace their unique identities.

The fashion of Willow Smith among many of her wonderful individual traits makes her the perfect muse and face for Mugler's Alien Goddess. The fragrance is designed to be innovative, majestic, daring, transparent, and exceptional. All traits that Willow Smith encompasses and displays daily. Alien Goddess is synonymous with Willow Smith and it's easy to see why this forward-thinking, well-read person has been selected to be the iconic face of Mugler's Alien Goddess perfume. Willow's face is unique and special, and exudes qualities of a higher being, expressing peace and love and the many layers to womanhood.

The Alien Goddess fragrance is shaped to be a timeless perfume that will provide an unforgettable scent. Like Willow Smith, the young fashion icon that at a tender age has already made a powerful impact on people especially young women across the world. Moreover, Mugler's Alien Goddess fragrance is also intended to promote the majestic and enchanting parts of humanity and the galaxy in which we live in. This concept blends seamlessly with Willow Smith, a person who has a profound, magical as well as unorthodox personality.

A*Men Eau De Toilette


The goddess look was made for Willow Smith! It is no surprise as she is the incarnation of what a goddess is, as she generously shares her knowledge and promotes empowerment to everyone she meets. Mugler's Alien Goddess has a long legacy to live up to in terms of beauty and magnificent creations, so when Casey Cadwallader accepted the role of creating this goddess look, he was both excited and conscious of that very legacy. Working from his Paris studio, he began where all great designers do in the conceptual stage of fusing inspirational moments, images, places, and sentiments of what it means to be a goddess and what type of goddess Willow Smith is.

He took his inspiration from Willow's extraordinary natural beauty and curvaceous figure as well as her deep connection to the earth. In this case he chose to focus on the desert landscapes of the campaign video. The look is ground in this desert landscape as he felt this would be the perfect natural habitat for the Alien Goddess with layers of the earth and colored rock formations that blend so beautifully with Willow Smith's natural skin tone and down to earth personality. The dramatic spiral draping of the silk chiffon synergizes with the movement of her body, and the wind and colors through the tunnels in the desert.

The dress is a work of art as it augments Willow's natural outstanding beauty and figure. The choice of material and color gold are also aligned to her beautiful skin tone; the silk gold rag is slighter softer than regular gold and is the perfect fabric to create the goddess look for Willow Smith.

Alien Goddess is a generous, empowered confident and beautiful creature, whose spirit, creativity and positivity flood out into the world to help others realize they can conquer anything! This is Willow Smith's inner goddess.

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